Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Restoring Nexus to new Ubuntu Installation

I'm enjoying a lot my just installed Ubuntu 10.04. Lucid is really pretty and it's flying but that doesn't change the fact that it is painful to recover the previous state of my development environment.

I spent at least a couple of hours working on recovering my Nexus local install. I had Nexus running standalone before but this time I'm trying to avoid having n thousand tomcats running (my computer is memory max out at 8GB :(  ) so Nexus is going on the Tomcat6 installed from Synaptic. I wasn't being able to login because Nexus couldn't generate the timeline file. The fact that the application itself was running really didn't help to speed the discovery of the solution :| The quick and dirty tip here is: check that the user that is running the web app has the correct privileges setup on the sonatype-work (the dir containing Nexus configuration Check this post on backing up Nexus ). 

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